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The National Senior Corps Association has a paid Washington Advocate based in the nation’s capital to assist in these endeavors. Our Advocate is first and foremost a conduit for your voice in the conversation – helping you connect with MOCs and their staff, informing you on the legislative process, and advising you as an Association member on NSCA’s message, the timing for delivering that message, and strategies to be the most effective in educating Congress on the important connection between what happens in Washington and how it affects the voters back home. Our Advocate cannot and must not be the only voice speaking on behalf of Senior Corps programs.  Every program director should play a supportive role in keeping Senior Corps activities on the Congressional radar as part of their job to educate the public and decision makers on our good work and community impact.

It may be intimidating for you to contemplate speaking with a Member of Congress (MOC).  The first thing to remember is that MOC’s want to hear what is going on “back home” and are open to meeting with you. You, as a constituent, are the most important person in the process. Your elected officials in Washington (and their staff) can do their jobs better by having the right information and understanding the passion and commitment of Senior Corps.  It makes them feel good when they hear about federal programs that are having a positive impact on the community. As champions of Senior Corps programs, MOCs can gain notoriety as a leader for our volunteers and those they serve.  All you have to do is ask!

This page will provide you with some helpful tips to make the process less frightening and to make you a more effective spokesperson for Senior Corps causes.

Terminology for Advocacy

Some Do's and Dont's About Communicating With Members of Congress

Planning for a Visit to Capitol Hill


Need help finding your Congressman? Use this link to find your representative:
                                                          Find Your Representative
Need help finding your Senator? Use this link to find your representative:
Find Your Senator