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The Benefits of an NSCA Membership


Financial Stability

Senior Corps funding depends on elected officials having enough familiarity with the programs to see them as:

1) cost effective solutions to pressing community needs, and 
2) a direct connection to their own constituents. 

We cannot accomplish this individually! As the only unified voice for all Senior Corps programs, NSCA provides a welcomed collaborative approach to communicating the impact of the programs. NSCA consistently works, at multiple levels, on behalf of all Senior Corps programs in the following ways:

  • Maintains dedicated staff time in Washington D.C. NSCA contracts with a professional who has connections, relationships, and infrastructure knowledge to educate Congress on our behalf, assuring that decision makers are aware of the work ofSenior Corps work and the impact the volunteers have on a daily basis in their home communities.
  • Provides a unified voice for advancing program concerns, challenges, struggles and successes to CNCS. NSCA leadership communicates regularly with CNCS leadership, collaborating with them to gain an understanding of how policy and regulation changes impact our work and outcomes at the community level.       
  • Monitors pertinent information at the state and national levelNSCA synthesizes what matters most, and disseminates that information to the membership in a timely manner, assuring that no one Senior Corps Director has to be fully responsible for monitoring all sources for information that needs attention and or action.
  • Educates and connects Directors and staff. NSCA builds awareness and skill in monitoring and educating decision makers to assure that Senior Corps programs have the recognition and support needed to maintain their strength and sustainability.


Program Innovation and Quality

  • NSCA connects programs and peers to share best practices, resources and models of innovation, growth and expansion.
  • NSCA plans and coordinates national conferences to bring together peers from across the country in a learning environment focused exclusively on Senior Corps.
  • NSCA creates a nation-wide network of all three Senior Corps programs to explore and develop powerful collaborations, resources and intersections of programing to advance the service and impact of all member programs.


Staff and Leadership Development

  • NSCA provides connections to a network of professionals from across the county, serving in all three Senior Corps programs. Members are available to serve as resources, mentors and sounding boards.  
  • NSCA committees provide opportunities to serve, learn and develop skills while advancing the work of the association and member programs in collaboration with program staff from across the country.  
  • Membership in NSCA provides exponentially expanded connections within the fields of aging and community engagement.

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