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The Member Directory allows you to view other members. (Note that your own directory information can be updated by clicking the Profile link.) Enter search text or select from any available lists and click the "Search" button. The system will display matching members. If no search values are specified, all members will be displayed. If there is more than onepage of results, use the Paging controls to see additional pages. Click the member's photo or name to see the bio for that member. Some members have bio information that can be viewed by clicking on their name or bio image. Note that members can also choose to completely remove their names from this list. If a map is displayed, members whose cards appear on the screen and that have valid latitude/longitude (geocodes) will be displayed as points on the map. If a postal code/radius search is performed, users will only be displayed if they have valid latitude/longitude (geocodes) and have configured their visibility to show address information. If users do not appear on the map (or in results when performing a radius search) they may have restricted visibility, or do not have valid geocodes in their profile. Users with certain visibility restrictions will be geolocated in the center of their postal code for privacy. It is possible that all members may not be displayed on the map.
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